How to maintain the amphibious undercarriage?

Careful/overall check and strict/careful maintenance are very important to prolong machine life, it is more important especially when working under execrable environment. During check and maintenance, it is essential to comply with specified items and make records. Routine Inspection and Maintenance shall be performed as below:

1) General Inspection: Tension force, abrasion and damage conditions of track chain; damage and distortion conditions of buoyancy tank or central frame; looseness, falling-off and damage conditions of chain wheel, pin, chain plate and crawler.

2)Lubrication: It is necessary to fill lubrication grease on time, so as to prolong work life.

Places to be Lubricated

It is necessary to fill lubrication grease before every shift of working at positions mentioned above. Model: Lithium base grease 3#.

3) Motor and gear box: It is necessary to check traveling speed reducer per week, and supplement gear oil timely in case of shortage of oil volume. When filling oil, the machine should be parked on horizontal ground surface as far as possible, turn oil filler and oil drainage opening at one horizontal surface, unscrew screw plug, fill from filler by using funnel, until there is oil overflowing out of oil drainage opening.

4) Track: Extremely loose track chain may cause chain to fall off, on the contrary, extremely tight chain will increase traveling resistance and shorten life of chain, therefore, it is necessary to adjust tightness of chain appropriately. When adjusting tension force of chain, firstly unscrew fixing nut, then unscrew locking nut, turn and adjust bolt so as to adjust chain tension force to appropriate degree, then tighten all fixing nuts and locking nuts again.

5) Chains: In case of occurrence of shaking caused due to abrasion of track roller、track pin and track bushing sleeve, it is necessary to replace timely, so as to prolong usage life of track. In case of extreme abrasion, hull will be damaged.


6) Anti-friction Strips: When anti-friction strips on bottom and flank of track have been worn to a very thin degree, it is essential to replace timely, otherwise abrasion of hull will be accelerated.

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