Can this Machine be Disassembled?

Yes. Our marsh transportation equipment is flanged and can be broken down into three pieces for easy shipping and lower shipping cost.

Can the Amphibious Machine Turn Easily on Dry Ground?

No any problem for the moving and turning! Our pontoons are all equipped with 2 or 4 heavy duty drive motors, which are widely proven they have much stronger propelling power than other supplier’s ma

How Fast Can These Machines Move?

Speeds of our machines vary with the models selected. The fastest machine can reach speeds in the marsh of up to 3 mph. Most machines move approximately 1 to 2 mph.

Can this Machine Work While Floating?

Marsh equipment is ideally suited for wetland and unstable terrain applications. These machines can work in areas where a human cannot even walk. The large footprint of the machine exerts the least am

How are These Machines Powered?

Our amphibious equipment is hydraulically driven. The travel circuits of the excavator power the undercarriages. Some of our machines have their own engines to power the hydraulic drive systems.

How Hard it is to Transport These Machines?

Amphibious equipment is bulky, but by dissembling these machines they can be transported easily on highways. Reassembling is also easy and can be done in a matter of hours. Depending on the size of th

Can the Marsh Equipments Float on Water?

All our amphibious undercarriages are custom built as per customers’ requests. Pls pay attention to their max. payload to the upper structures. If customer needs machine to float, we will design and

What are the Allowable Operating Conditions of Amphibious Excavators?

In order to prevent rollover and damage of excavator, please comply with following allowable conditions strictly for usage:

What are the Un-allowable Operating Conditions of Amphibious Excavators?

Amphibious excavators can not work in the following conditions:


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